Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a US citizen to join this club?

Not at all.  Our organization was founded upon the understanding that the club must remain at at least 51% American women, but aside from that we are open to anyone! We love having women from all corners of the world, who have a connection to the US, or who are simply looking for a place to meet other fun-loving women!

Are there any age restrictions?

Again, not at all! We welcome women of all ages and try our best to provide a plethora of activities to appeal to a wide range of ages. So regardless of your age, we’d love to have you join AWC!

How much are the membership dues?

$35 for returning members and new members. Dues are paid once a year in March (which is the beginning of the new AWC calendar year).

Are there additional costs for AWC events?

Yes & No. There are some events such as the Christmas Tea, AWC Birthday Party, and other events for which you will incur an extra charge should you choose to attend. However, there are lots of recurring events such as social mixers and Discover Auckland which are 100% free! We try to keep these extra costs to a minimum so that you can enjoy as many member activities as possible.

What is my money going toward when I have to pay additional costs?

There are lots of fun things to do in Auckland and the surrounding areas that we love to experience as a group. When we organize an event that does cost money, we try to make sure that the cost is reasonable and that can possibly benefit our annual charity. The club does not make any money on events like sporting events or movies nights–we simply take care of all of the organizing so that you can just show up and enjoy!

Are there ever any events that my partner and/or family can come to?​ Definitely!

While we are primarily a women’s club, we love being able to include partners, family, and friends whenever possible. We have a monthly social mixer which is typically on a weeknight and we encourage everyone to bring people with them.

Can I ever bring a guest(s) to AWC events?

Yes, yes, YES! We have found that this is one of the best ways to attract new members. While we obviously love for you to tell your friends, family, coworker, hairdresser, etc. about the awesome things we do in our club, it’s even better when they can experience it for themselves. Typically, our policy is that you can bring the same guest to two (2) events before we kindly ask them to join the AWC as a member.

Does the AWC ever start up new groups or activities?

We are always looking for new activities and events to offer to the group. New groups & activities have to be approved by the executive board, but if you’re interested in suggesting a new group, please make sure you contact the current president!

Are you looking for new board members?

YES! . It’s a great way to meet the members of the club as well as have a voice to keep our club moving towards the future. We meet quarterly but conduct most of our ‘business’ via email.