Glossary of Events

For those of you who may not know which events to go to, what event titles mean, or who to bring to what, here is a ‘glossary’ of all of our different events:

– COFFEE MORNINGS: These are held monthly typically at the home of a different member each month, usually the third Thursday. This event is a casual weekday morning event and a great way to meet other members.

– DINNER GROUP: This event organised by Lisa is a fun dinner get-together on the second Thursday each month. The location changes each month to accommodate as many members as possible and to allow us to try new places! It’s always a good time and all members & guests are welcome!

– DISCOVER AUCKLAND: Discover Auckland is geared towards different events around the city of Auckland that allow us to experience some of the interesting things this city has to offer! Depending on the event, kids or partners may be welcome to attend.

– WEEKDAY BRUNCH: Brunchusually organised by Grace is open to all members (young and old!) and their partners. Guests are also welcome at this event.

ACTIVITIES: If you have any other event or group ideas, feel free to let Sue, Lisa or Grace know. We are always look for interesting and new events for our members!